tomorrow we’ll share what we learned in September

stitch fix

Since next week begins the 31 days series, I will go ahead and put up the linky up tomorrow for us to share what we learned in September. If you want an idea of things to share, check out what we learned in July and August. Meanwhile (I used to think it was “meanwild” – anyone?) I updated my Stitch Fix review page if you want to check out the latest. Hope to see you tomorrow to hear what you learned this month.


  1. says

    “meanwild” not me, but I love it!
    if it makes you feel any better I thought “to make ends meet” was to make endsmeat. What? is that like when you run out of mincemeat? I did understand what it meant, but it just didn’t make sense. I was too embarrassed to ever ask anyone. I could have. I can always play the -I didn’t grow up in this country- card. But thankfully, one day it just hit me.
    And please someone tell me that I am not the only one who thought a light saber was a “life saver”. I think my boys have forgotten about that one. They must have laughed it right out of their brains. Let’s hope so…

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