because I need to be lighthearted tonight

You’ve heard so much about our trip to the Philippines, and most of it has been so very serious. Here’s a little happy peek into our silliness that I just found on my phone. Our plane had just landed in Japan and we were preparing to get on our long flight back the US. I asked Keely how her flight was and well, she tells me. One of my favorite parts is watching Shaun’s face in the background at the end. Clearly by this point, he is soo over us.


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    Of course, someone who travels as much as Keely does is going to own every travel gizmo on the planet. Even the ones I didn’t know existed :).

    Smiles for my Friday mornin’ :).

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    Haha! Shauns face is totally priceless… as are the faces of my fellow seatmates on flights. Weirding out travelers one awesome travel hooddie at a time.

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    LOVE THIS!!! Oh my gosh, I was so delirious after our long trip back. I need to get a jacket like that to ride in style! Who needs business class seats when you have that kind of gear?

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