an invitation to share what you learn in June

Today I’m working hard towards meeting a deadline for A Million Little Ways so all real writing and thinking is reserved for that. But I wanted to pop in here and offer you a quick invitation.

Reader Karen left a comment on my “What I Learned in May” post that I should host a link up on my next “What I Learned” post and invite you to share what you learn as well. So let’s do that!

things you learn in june

I’m telling you now so you’ll be paying attention all month. Then write a post on your own blog with a simple list of what you learned in June and meet me back here on Friday June 28 ready to link them up.  Some tips on what to share?

  • Educational and Informative: In other words, things that make you say, “What?! I can’t believe I didn’t now that!” ex: how the volume button on the iPhone can also be used to snap photos. (See Things I learned in May).
  • Mindless celebrity connections: ex: How May Whitman plays Amber from Parenthood and also played Bernice from Hope Floats. (See Things I Learned in February). These are fun for the whole crowd.
  • New services or products you use that you realize you either love, hate, or are confused by. ex: how I learned I love Stitch Fix (See Things I learned in May). These will make all of our lives better.
  • Weird quirks you have: ex: How I finally realized that every time I type Chris it comes out Christ. (See Things I Learned in April). These give us permission to point and laugh and then say oh wait, I do that too.
  • Inspirational and Introspective. ex: How I realized dreaming with my husband is more powerful and life-giving than dreaming on my own. (See Things I Learned in March). These will remind us of what is important.

There are no rules, but maybe these ideas can get you started. So mark it down for June 28, open your eyes, take notes on the backs of receipts crumpled at the bottom of your purse, and pay attention to what you learn in June. Whether profound or ridiculous, all lessons are welcome and celebrated.

I think it will be fun. Will you join us?


  1. says

    Your April list did inspire me to write a post on my blog about what I’m learning, and I’m excited to join in at the end of this month too : ) My list is already started and it’s only 3 days into June . . . oh boy, here we go . . .

  2. says

    Oh funny! Right after I read yours last week, I titled a clean sheet of paper “Funny and interesting things I learned in June” so I could “look/remember” them this month. Thanks for having your link up and helping us find things in our lives that make us smile and laugh…which there’s never too much of! Looking forward to seeing all the things people post!

  3. says

    Um, yes, I’ll join…because I’ve been hosting my own little one-person link-up since April :). At least now I’ll be legit.

    I love that you started these monthly lists. Doing my own has forced me to pay more attention to what I’ve noticed over the last month–a good exercise for “mommy brain,” even if the results aren’t particularly earth-shattering.

  4. Del Marie Riley says

    I liked your list from May. Your iPhone camera tip was actually put to use this past weekend. My hubby thought it was pretty nifty too. I’ll be keeping my list for June. I’m not a blogger, working on it though. So how do people without a blog play along as well?

  5. says

    Yay! This is so perfect because after your “What I Learned in May” post, I started one with things I have already learned in June! I will definitely be linking up later! THANKS FOR ALL THE ENCOURAGING POSTS (AND THE BOOK GRACEFUL). Praying for you!

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