a whisper for peru

I’m watching Survivor this season. (Okay, I watch it every season. Leave me alone). But this season, they’re competing in the Philippines. There was a challenge this week where they had to crawl through mud, then a pile of rice, then dig in more mud for balls to shoot into a basket-type thing.

The winning team got to travel to a nearby village and surprise the kids with hula hoops and crayons.

In turn, the families made the contestants a beautiful meal.

It was a sweet picture.

But I couldn’t stop thinking about that rice from the challenge.

There was so much of it.

What will they do with all that rice?

I only spent a week in the Philippines with Compassion last year, but I saw enough to know that rice they rolled around in could feed a lot of people.

the part where I steal this banner from Layla & Kevin’s blog so I can tell you about their trip.

Compassion is on the move.

Sneaking in here for a rare night post to whisper a request that you pray for our friends in Peru?

This week, JenLayla and KevinShaun, and Angie (and her adorable twin girls) are bearing witness and burdens of children and families living in poverty there. They are meeting the kids they sponsor, loving the only way they know how, and telling us all about it.

They bring more than hula hoops and crayons. They even bring more than rice. They get a front row seat to watch how Compassion International carries the Hope of the world into the lives of these children.

And because they have a front row seat, we can too.

You can read all of their posts here.


  1. says

    You know I’m hanging on every word…

    ps – My parents screened my call last night because they were glued to Survivor. I found it so funny/endearing. Especially when dad let it slip that he was also “taping” it.

  2. Keren says


    I’ve noticed how you talk about Compassion International, and love it. My husband (we live in Australia, so we get the Aussie branch of Compassion) started sponsoring a child in the Philipines when he was 16 years old.
    When we got married, I entered the story and we continued sponsoring Agus together, writing letters and sending photos of us, then of us and our kids.
    Agus is now 22 and looking for a job, we found him on fb(!!!) which is amazing. We can continue our relationship with him even though the official sponsoring is finished, just because we want to keep supporting him.
    And this year, for Christmas, we are only giving ‘gifts of Compassion’ from their catalogue. We bought chickens, mosquito nets, a stove, and water cleaner unit, footballs, vegetable seeds and toothbrushes for kids and families who really need that stuff and can’t go to a supermarket to get what they need/ want like us. So Agus is getting a real Christmas present in the mail this year. He and our kids (4 and 2 years old) are the only people getting bought presents this year. And I’m pleased with this.
    Thank you for your inspiring writing!
    We love, love, Compassion and their work.

  3. says

    Thank you for sharing your insight! I only watched the very first season of survivor, but you’re absoluteky right….So often, we think wevare helping or doing a good thing. What sacrifices do we make? What real good do we actually do? And usually, it’s entertainment that gets in the way.

    Reality check for sure. Not only do we hoard the trivial. So often, we, I, am unwilling to go agead and share the most lasting thing I have to share. The gospel is mine yes, but as with anything else I have been given, it is mine THAT I may in turn share it and so be a blessing.

  4. says

    you watch survivor!?! We do too. Can we talk about it? I LOVE this season. Denise, malcom, Lisa (!!!), Penner. Those are my favs. I want one of them to win. What about you? Do you watch the Ponderosa videos on the CBS website? They’re little videos of the jury after they get voted off. It’s mind.blowing.fun.

  5. says

    I think things like the rice question can make you crazy. It’s not like Mark Burnett was ever going to spend that money on food for people. It was always going to be spent on entertainment. It is good to pay attention and be mindful in your own actions and to support policies and organizations that bring change, but you can’t take on the responsibility for everyone’s decisions. That’s how you end up crying in the grocery store.

  6. Barb says

    I watch Survivor as well. One thing you left out was that they took more than hula hoops and crayons. They took school supplies. I have enough faith in people to be sure they found out just what kind of things these kids needed. I wouldn’t dis them for taking school supplies. And it was a good thing, look what Malcolm said – he is rethinking his choices and considering going back to teaching again instead of tending bar. Well, good! Something good is coming out of this. Also, I wonder (and hopefully wish) that the producers bought that rice from locals and paid a high price for it so the locals can use that money for twice as much rice or whatever their needs might be. Remember, the folks in these countries are in the export business with their products. :) We are only seeing a part of the whole picture when we watch the show on TV so let’s not be to hard on them.

    • Jay Moab says

      Barb, I appreciate how you try to see the bigger picture and your faith in people’s goodness. This ability minimize judgments and negativity in the world — and God knows where these judgments and negativity will lead aside from thinking of oneself as holier than somebody else.

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