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I don’t normally do giveaways here. But if I like you and what you make, there is a strong possibility that you won’t be able to stop me from talking about you here.

lisa leonard 6

Enter Lisa Leonard. First of all, her blog is simply one of the prettiest places on the web. She tells her stories with beautifully antiqued photographs and a few simple words.

lisa leonard 8

Second of all, she makes lovely jewelry with her bare hands. And I just got my first piece in the mail.

lisa leonard 3

This is the family crest necklace. It’s pretty, it’s personal. And it could be yours!

lisa leonard 4

Lisa wants to give one of these to one of you. With your own letter, of course. I think an ‘S’ would look nice, don’t you? Or an ‘A’? How about a nice, symmetrical ‘M’?

This little pretty was such a nice model for me, don’t you think?

To enter, simply click on the comments below. Be sure to include a blog url or an email address (it will not display to anyone except me) in the fields as directed so I can contact you if you win. Fun!


  1. says

    How beautiful! I was married recently & the thought of my “new” initial being on such a pretty pendant is a very wonderful thought! Thank you for the chance!

  2. Patricia Ellis says

    I just love this family crest necklace – I think an “E” would look fabulous~! Don’t you think? Thanks for doing this ~ I love Lisa’s jewelry ~ all of it..

  3. Southern Gal says

    I saw this yesterday on another blog and fell in love…again. I love Lisa’s jewelry and her blog. Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. says

    I just discovered Lisa’s designs in the last month or so… they’re all beautiful! I love how they are at once both modern and classic, simple and elegant.

    Thanks for a lovely giveaway! And btw I love your pic with the necklace and the twinkle lights in the background…

  5. says

    So delicate and absolutely lovely! Amazing giveaway and such a beautiful necklace! Lisas jewelry is stunning and I’d love to win an A for me :)

  6. says

    I’m a new reader to your blog and I just have to say that I love the simple beauty of your photographs and blog posts. I was directed here by a friend who loves reading you as well. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us! The fact that you love the Lord makes it so much sweeter. Just wanted to let you know that…oh, and I would really enjoy this necklace as well. Consider me entered for an “H” family crest!

  7. Beth says

    So beautiful! I’ve seen her jewelry all over blogland and haven’t gotten one for myself yet. I’d love to win!

  8. says

    I LOVE that picture with the background blurred with little light dots (I’m sure there’s an official word for that, but to me it’s just dreamy & beautiful).

    I agree with your kind words about Lisa…I’d love anything of hers hanging on my body :).

  9. says

    I have GOT to enter to win this. Lisa Leonard is amazing! Thank you, Emily, for the opportunity to win such a gorgeous piece of jewelry!

  10. cassie says

    I love her work. I have been sending the link to my husband for over a year now. I think I may have to up the antics, he just isn’t getting the hint! :)

  11. Pattie says

    Love Lisa’s jewelry! I am planning to order a family necklace for my niece, who is awaiting the birth of her second child.

  12. Carole Tidwell says

    This is exactly what I am looking for, for Christmas gifts for 2 special people in my life! Oh, and I’d love to have one for myself too! Thanks for sharing!

  13. Marilyn Ruvolo says

    Just yesterday I was browsing her sight and was amazed at her talent……
    wonderful pieces any girl would look great in. Thanks for the chance
    to enter.

  14. says

    I keep telling myself that I’m going to get a necklace.. and I never do. But, I just love her work. My birthday isn’t too long away.. definitely what I’ll be asking for! :)

  15. julie jersey says

    I have always wanted a lisa leonard design. They are all so beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity to have such an amazing piece. Hoping to win:)

  16. Angela says

    Good morning! I’m a new reader of your blog and enjoying it. You are so right Lisa’s blog is beautiful and I love the necklace.

  17. says

    What a beautiful piece of jewelry. My “family” necklace broke at the train station as we were leaving China so I need a replacement. Pick me! Pick me!

  18. BP says

    Such a delicate and pretty piece of art… Made me realize I’m incredibly stuck in mommy-mode frump; it never occured to me that I, too, could wear something so lovely in the day-in-and-day-out of puke, poop, and sleepless fun! :) Thanks for the opportunity at the giveaway!

  19. Mo says

    Oh, that necklace is stunning. I just found your blog this morning (looking to paint my kitchen cabinets) and man am I glad!!

  20. says

    I have always wanted one of her pieces..but becoming debt free does not allow for that at the time! Maybe this will be my lucky day.

    By the way…I am still waiting for your book! Get writing girl!

  21. says

    I recently discovered your website and have fallen in love. The necklace is beautiful and I would be so grateful to win one. Thanks for being so giving and thanks for your blog!!

  22. says

    How nice! I’ve heard of Lisa, but I’ve never actually looked at her stuff. This necklace is lovely, and I’d be delighted to win it. Thank you for the opportunity!

    Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday!

  23. says

    Simply lovely. I do love Lisa’s jewelry…although I do not own anything to date. However, I do have an “S” for a last name and I agree. It would be very pretty! I would love the chance to win and thank you for posting such a lovely giveaway!

  24. Sharone says

    I’m partial to a W myself. :) this necklace is so beautiful, I’m in awe of people who can create such beautiful things. Thanks, Emily, for giving us a chance to win it! :)

  25. says

    Oh, I’ve been so behind on blogs and am just now catching up. So glad not to have missed this opportunity. That would look great with an “A”!! 😉

  26. says

    I keep saying I’m going to buy a piece of her jewelry but I haven’t done it yet. Part of it is my inability to choose which piece I like best. Winning would, of course, be a great place to start. :)

  27. says

    How about a B? I think that would look just lovely ??! :)
    PS- I’m married to a pastor, have twin girls & a little man too, does that win me any points?? ha! :)

  28. says

    Oh my goodness, I have been hinting to my husband for a while now how I would love to have something of hers. How beautiful, what a great giveaway!

  29. Logan says

    I think B is a lovely letter for a necklace like you have pictured here. I do hope I have a chance of winning!! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  30. says

    I *love* Lisa’s jewelry~ and I am not really very much of a “jewelry-type” person, but I have had her web site on my “favorites” list for some time now and would be super-blessed to win a necklace. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  31. says

    This is quite beautiful and there is no one better to offer this than you, Emily. Your beautiful words are coupled nicely with such a charming accessory. Thanks for giving us the opportuinity to participate.

  32. says

    New to your site, and I think it’s meant to be because you’re having this wonderful giveaway. I really appreciated the Tuesdays Unwrapped yesterday! Thanks for your lovely words!

  33. Laura-belle says

    Lovely, and your site is lovely! I just found it! Can’t wait to read through your archives! Have a wonderful day!

  34. says

    I love this! How beautiful. I saw your contest from a chat on twitter, and am so glad I did! What beautiful jewelry! Enter me!, and I’m going shopping!!!! Thanks!

  35. says

    Oh, I’ve been eying so much of her work, and just drooling over so many of the necklaces. I would love to win this piece, its absolutely beautiful. Thank you for the giveaway!

  36. Claudia says

    I LOVE Lisa’s jewelry! She does such a beautiful job! The fact that the one you showed has an “F” on it (which happens to be the 1st letter of my last name) makes me love it even more!

  37. cathie says

    Em – it is a beautiful necklace…and the symmetrical M would be a perfect match – both for my name, and my analytical side :).

  38. Jen Geruntho says

    Her work is lovely, a piece to treasure.
    I recently found your blog and am so glad I have. I thoroughly enjoy all the great ideas and musings you have written.

    Thank you so much and God bless,

  39. Jennifer Huitsing says

    I love jewelry! Made by hand? Absolutely amazing! I would love to have one of these necklaces with my initial on it. :)

  40. Amy says

    I have always loved Lisa’s jewelry! I have been craving an “H” for around my neck for quite some time. I LOVE your blog!


  41. Sheila Pearson says

    I love Lisa’s designs. I purchased her By Grace Alone necklace a few weeks ago and absolutely love it! The Family Crest necklace is beautiful also!

  42. Kelly says

    Can I still enter a day late? In my defense, I am an accountant, and this is one of our busiest times of year, so I didn’t have a chance to read any blogs yesterday :)

    Love the necklace, so beautiful!

  43. Mrs. Dunbar says

    What a wonderful sign to everyone around you about your love for your husband and the name that the two of you share. I just adore Lisa Leonard and all of her beautiful creations.

  44. says

    Your site has been very encouraging to me. I love your pictures, but especially what you share. Life sometimes hands you the opposite of what you expected, and it is hard to swallow. You are a blessing.
    I love the necklace. Thanks for sharing.

  45. KIM BARTH says


  46. Kecia says

    Count me in! I love her jewelry. I also enjoy your website. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your world with us through your beautiful photos and words.

  47. Emily says

    Gorgeous! I love the initial jewelry that I keep seeing by these wonderful craftspeople. I’d love a nice, symmetrical H :)

  48. says

    Your site is very unique and cool. If I had the money, I’d do a better one that I have. But I’m also not very computer literate either. Please enter me in your contest. The necklace is gorgeous. Thank you.

  49. says

    I have a necklace that Lisa made and love it! I always get compliments on it and tell people about her. I’d really like to have another one-is that bad?

  50. says

    Mary DeMuth pointed me your way … so glad she did! What a lovely, lovely blog … you inspire me today. And, the jewelry contest is a nice surprise.

    I’ll be back,

  51. Claire Hill says

    I’ve bought a couple of her pieces as gifts but would love to have a C for myself. (Does she really make them herself?)

  52. Allison Albainy says

    oooooohhhhhhhh…i am an ‘a’…..two a’s even….and i love that necklace so much…thanks for the clear directions for the comments section where to leave your email etc..love all these blogs so much i never watch tv..thanks

  53. Kelley McDonald says

    Oooohhh. Another website to take in on this fall morning….thanks for the nudge in her direction and for the giveaway.

  54. says

    Sometimes the simplest pieces of jewelery are the most beautiful – I LOVE the idea of a family crest necklace, what a way to show what’s important in your life!

  55. Kris says

    Just stumbled upon your lovely blog via..I think Decor8? And I love your black cabinet kitchen makeover. And would love a ‘K’ necklace too. :)

  56. Dana says

    I love the name of your cook book…”Reluctant Entertainer”. I can totally relate. I so often want to entertain and love to do it but am often reluctant because my confidence isn’t what it should be. Plus with two little ones, I talk myself out of it because I can’t imagine anyone who would want to come over for a nice dinner with screaming kids in the background. Your book just might be the confidence booster I need. :)

  57. Charlotte Nottingham says

    I love the necklaces. They are classic yet simple. I would like to have a ‘C’ on it and a ‘free bird’.

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