You might be a good girl if you …

“She arrived with her own gifted form, with the shape of her own sacred soul. Biblical faith calls it the image of God in which we are all created.”

Parker J. Palmer, Let Your Life Speak

We had plans for the night but the plans fell through. Still, there was a sitter. When you get to be married for 10 years and you have a sitter, it matters little what you do. We drove downtown with no plan but a camera.

In the past three years, I’ve learned a lot about the way I’m made, how I’m created to worship, what brings me back to my true center. Having a camera around my neck helps me see. I used to be embarrassed about that, worried that I always looked like a tourist even if I was in my own town.

Our life is always speaking, but we rarely have the courage to listen. What are those things, it says, that make you come alive? Good girls are afraid of those questions – afraid because what if those things our life speaks of are not the things I think I’m supposed to be doing? We stay busy should-ing and ought-ing and trying to do life right.

And we’re so busy doing life right that we let it pass right on by.

I remembered that last Friday night when The Man and I had nothing to do but wander. I remembered how our lives speak to us in similar ways. I remembered the slow pace we prefer, the margin we long for, the community we crave.

We passed people from other seasons of life whom we haven’t seen in years. We lingered on the sidewalks. We laughed and connected and took slow steps. I paused to take a picture of a light post. This feels like worship, I thought to myself. God made us to glorify, and  when we slow, laugh, savor, linger, listen, and become – we worship. What else would it be?

You might be a good girl if you think worship is something you do in a building.


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A Giveaway! (and) You might be a good girl if…

You might be a good girl if you put “make a to-do list” on your to-do list.


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You might be a good girl if …

You might be a good girl if Julia Sugarbaker is your secret hero.


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within us

Sometimes dinner is a microwaved chicken patty and love is a tent on a chair. And they get so much joy from those blanket forts in the corner that you hate to make them clean it up when the sun goes down. But they do and you know that tomorrow morning, they’ll get up and rebuild it better, even though tonight they cry and whine to keep it up forever.

I’ve been trying to zip up the world today, pulling the sides together with my knees and prying that tiny medal up, inch by maddening inch. I’ve made little progress. I’ve been sifting through my bag of faces, grasping for the ones labeled strong and responsible and organized. I can’t find even one. I’ve been hovering over my life from a helicopter, looking for fires to douse with right now! water.

Jesus didn’t hover over life from up high. He came down to gritty, sandy, soil earth to walk with us, among us, within us. And he offers himself as our water – the living kind – not to douse on our emergencies but to satisfy our souls in quietness and in strength.

And so if you wrote a book, and if you happened to get your first copy in the mail today, and if, as you held it in your hands, you felt yourself sucked back up into the helicopter, your eyes roaming about the landscape to find another fire to put out, another worry to tend to, another anxious heart to calm, remember Jesus. Remember that he pulls us gently back down into this day, this moment, this earth, this sand, these shoes. This day is the one he has made. And he has called it good.