wrapping up tuesday gifts

{tuesday unwrapped}

I’ve been doing a lot of work on the book these last few weeks, writing that won’t be seen for awhile. Unfortunately it takes me away from this space. That’s another thing I love about Tuesdays Unwrapped: I can direct you to other lovely blogs and small gift celebrators.

In case you didn’t get the chance to browse through the links on Tuesday, here is a quick roundup of some of my favorites. Hard to choose only five, but if I added too many more it would just be Tuesday all over again. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

The Scooper decides to let go of the myth of having a clean house and chooses her kids instead:  Slaying the Loch Ness Mommy @ a la mode.

This mom has redeemed her time of quiet and called a truce with her afternoon shift: Mom’s Taxi @ Imoomie.

Erin remembers her childhood and unwraps the ‘simple moments shared with a new generation': Unwrapping Little Memories @ Together for Good.

Ellen sees her husband with fresh eyes: Different and Bettter @ Handmade Recess.

Finally, the way this girl notices things has my soul stunned in a good way: Textures @ Boy Crazy.

a truce on a tuesday

{the wait}

I have a really bad habit of wanting spring to start two days after Christmas. Winter’s fresh is cleansing, but I’ll take spring’s colorful warmth any time. So here we are in the middle of February. I count the days til the pool opens. I resent forcing carseat straps over thick, heavy coats. I shuffle snow around my front steps in search of brave bulbs peeking green beneath hard ground. I break my own rules of moment cherishing by longing for a season that isn’t ready yet. So this is me, calling a truce with winter.

Do you have a truce you need to call? A gift you need to reluctantly unwrap? We would love to hear about it.


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He could have had anything, but he asked for wisdom. And so it went that he was granted more wisdom than any man, ever. The third chapter of Ecclesiastes was his observations on how these earthly things go. There is a natural rhythm to life, an ebb and flow that we can’t bypass or ignore. There is no override button.

The thing about life is it was meant to be lived. Sometimes, that seems like bad news. I saw this chapter printed out on display in an office space last week. The middle of verse 8 was left out, so all it said was A time to love and a time for peace taking out the hate and war part. I like that better, too. But that’s not how things are.

As it is, I can’t read these verses without silently inserting turn, turn, turn (can you?), but that is the truth of it. Time turns and turns and rolls over itself, the awful and the lovely mixing in like colored play-doh. I can’t say that the awful makes the lovely more lovely, because I think the lovely would be just fine on its own. Somehow, though, it can be redeemed; even the hate and the war parts. As much as I’d prefer the lovely all by itself, beauty from ashes tells a more compelling story.

Love in the midst


Love shows up in the most unlikely places. Here’s to choosing to see it, and to love in return.

Love in the midst of great loss @ To Think.

Love in the midst of forgiveness @ The Run a Muck.

Love in the midst of arts and crafts gone wrong @ Like Merchant Ships.

Love in the midst of sickness and health @ Holy Experience.

Love in the midst of a hot dog joint @ My First Kitchen.

Where has love shown up for you lately?