my, how things change

christmas forecast 2

At the risk of forcing a local weather update on you for a state you don’t live in, I’m posting this to simply say expectations are everything. I’m glad I got the screen shot of Christmas snow predictions last week. Twenty minutes after I posted that, the forecast changed to rain.

As we enter into this Christmas week, I’m reminded how expectations play a vital role in my holiday experience. Snow or no snow, I’m encouraged to remember simple truth this week: Jesus came.  A thrill of hope for a weary world, He was born and He lived and He died and He rose up again. Snow or no snow, that is a truth I can grab onto.

may your days be merry and bright

christmas forecast

Here’s our forecast for next week. I’m more excited than my kids. In the meantime, we wait for southern snow for this weekend. Oh snow. I love you.

wrap up


Once again, I have found some treasures on Tuesday this week. Here are a few highlights for you to peruse. Though I will continue to post and unwrap moments over the next few weeks, the Tuesdays Unwrapped linky will be on vacation until January.

Our Angel, God’s Gift @ Girls to Grow, because she has walked the road of deep despair and still says God is good.

One Moment, of the Well of Life to Taste @ Zizzivivizz, because doing what you love makes the work worth it.

Time With My Sister @ Somewhere Between Serious and Silly, because I’m a softy for anything having to do with sisters.

Hope @ Boy Crazy, because her perspective on the light of hope in the midst of the darkness is breathtaking.

Ours @ The Extraordinary Ordinary, because she puts into words how I felt, too.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes and visit these lovely blogs. As always, thanks for reading and participating in unwrapping and celebrating the everyday gifts.

gifts on a tuesday


The shelf in my parents garage holds little pieces of home. I’ve never read any of these books, but their bindings are comforting and familiar. Dad has books everywhere, stacked and organized by an invisible system. Sitting in his home office over Thanksgiving, he pointed to a row of books behind his desk and said those were the ones he couldn’t live without: Understanding and Applying the Bible by Roberston McQuilkin; The Saving Life of Christ by Major Ian Thomas; a well-read copy of the Bible; a few presidential biographies.

As I bent low to read their titles, I thought of how the words in those pages have mentored and taught him. In turn, they have taught me as well. Pieces of home, glimpses of Jesus, stories of truth passed on from author to reader to daughter and more. I couldn’t help but wonder which books I would put on my own life-giving shelf. I also couldn’t stop myself from celebrating those writers, in the quiet of the office, for their work and willingness to receive words and inspiration and for passing them on through the pages of their books.Picture16-11

Do you have a piece of home to share? A glimpse of heaven? A moment to celebrate? I invite you to do so here, either with a new post or one from your archives. Don’t forget to use the permalink and to link back here.