the anti-potty training

Mommy accidently mentions the word “potty” and two-year-olds’ eyes light up. “I wanna poo-poo in the potty seat!” She disappears around the corner.

Three and half seconds later, twin sister two-year-old delightfully says the exact same thing…and disappears around the corner.

Mommy balances nursing baby brother in one arm while he fights to finish his lunch and tries to help first two-year-old pull off shorts and very wet diaper. All the while, listening to accusing tone of two-year-old. “I do it! I do it mySELF!”

Mommy sighs, sits on bathroom floor, watches as two-year-old tries unsucessfully to do it herself.

Mommy stands up and helps two-year-old finish undressing and mount the potty seat.

Two-year-old smiles, grunts, smiles, grunts, laughs, sings “Twinkle, Twinkle, litte star” (complete with hand motions), proudly announces “I did it!”, high fives twin sister (who is still singing), pulls 3 feet of toilet paper off from the wall, wipes (if you can call it that) jumps down from the potty seat and looks inside.

Potty is empty.

Two-year-old smiles again, announces her victory and runs out of bathroom naked from the waist down.

Twin two-year-old looks up at Mommy with big brown eyes. “I wanna poo-poo in the potty seat!”

Mommy looks at twin two-year-old. “Just go in your diaper.”

10 little big things to surviving these postpartum days

10 Vanilla hazelnut creamer (sorry Kari) for my coffee in the morning. I am taking full advantage of the one cup of caffeine a day that they allow a nursing mommy.

9 The theme song to the show The Office…less because of the show, more because it means for the next 22-26 minutes, The Man and I are going to be together and laugh at random, stupid comedy.

8 My two year old, still in her crib, sweetly singing Happy Birthday to her baby bear…because that makes up for 10,000 times she will scream “NO!” at the top of her lungs today.

7 My select comfort back sleeper pillow…I think I’m in love. For the stop-and-go pattern of sleep that define these early days with a newborn, at least I know I have this perfect pillow to return to.

6 & 5 Netflix and (ok, I’m just gonna say it) People magazine. Yes, I not only read People, I have a subscription. In my defense, it was a gift from my mother-in-law.

4 The potted flowers on our porch…because I planted them and they are still alive (because The Man took pity on them and gives them water).

3 Target. It is my trip to Hawaii, my grand getaway.

2 The FlyLady…because a made bed, clean laundry and a shiny sink go a long way to helping me feel life is normal and organized on those days when I don’t leave the house.

And the number one little big thing that has helped me survive the past 4 weeks:

1 Knowing this may be the last time...waking up in the wee hours of the morning and getting the fussy baby from his bassinet, feeding him until he is once again content and cleaning up the spitup that dripped down my leg when I got up to change his diaper all with only one eye slightly open becomes more bearable when I realize that, with each day that passes, this little baby in my arms grows older. And with 3 under 3, we will probably never have another one. And suddenly the draining cycle of sleep deprivation becomes an opportunity to remember that this crazy life routine we are in right now is temporary and fleeting. And just like that, the mundane becomes holy and sweet.

birth day eve

So much for an uneventful pregnancy. Our little one has decided he would rather lounge in my tummy with his back down than be upside down for the next few weeks. So we have decided to have another c-section and it is scheduled for tomorrow. I have approximately 12 more hours to be pregnant.

It seems like such an important moment in time. I didn’t expect to know when I would have this baby, but with the recent turn of events (literally), I have come to accept and embrace this last minute change in my idea of a birth plan and we have enjoyed a big day of anticipation.

So what is one to do the day before she is to have a baby? I cleaned the toilet. And went to target. And gave my 2 year olds a french manicure. And ate shrimp and tiramisu. And I prayed a lot and cried at stupid things. And I have been thankful.

One thing I didn’t do is watch the news for fear of seeing this.

so this is june

For the past 8 months I have been waiting for June. With 2 and 1/2 weeks to go til our son is due to arrive in the world, it is both strange and exciting to realize that his birth month is indeed here. We’re “sittin’ on ready” (as my mother-in-law from Mississippi likes to say) and I am happy to have had an extremely uneventful pregnancy this time around. After giving birth to twin girls a little over 2 years ago, I have come to appreciate no longer being such a novelty.

the burden of potential

I am not what anyone would consider to be a green thumb. I love to look at flowers and pretty green plants and freshly cut grass in the springtime. But I haven’t a clue when it comes to actually planting them and keeping them alive. We received a large indoor floor plant (don’t know what it was) after we got married and I was pleased to see that it stayed alive for a good long time. My mother-in-law later confessed that she would water it when she came over to babysit.

It was about this time last year when The Man and I were looking for a house to buy. We pulled up to a sweet little cape cod and I was immediately intimidated, not necessarily by the house itself, but by the landscaping. The front yard was nice, but the backyard was especially pretty: a crepe myrtle here, day lilies standing nearly as tall as I was, some kind of blooming purple and pink flowers and bright, leafy green plants placed just so. I immediately decided I loved this house. We hadn’t seen the inside yet, but somehow, I just knew. If I was ever going to have a pretty yard, I would have to buy one ready-made. And this one was perfect. We ended up buying that house and now, one year later, are experiencing another spring with it in full bloom.

But I have to admit I am nervous. See, I remember how pretty it was last year when we first saw it and I fear that, since I haven’t a clue how to keep this yard pretty, it will eventually become…not pretty. The previous owners lived here for many years and were good at yard stuff. I know how nice this yard can be…but what if I can’t keep it that way?

Flashback to 2 months ago during the winter olympics: I didn’t realize I had fallen asleep until I woke up. Sasha Cohen was just “14 minutes away from taking the ice” (as evil NBC so strategically flashed on the screen to lure me in…it worked). I don’t remember who had just skated off the ice, but one of the commentators said something and the concept has stuck with me. He said something about the pressure associated with the burden of potential. And I’ve thought about how that can be such a trap.

I think that is where I am with this whole yard thing…I know its potential, but do I have what it takes to keep it there? How often in life am I kept from enjoying the fullness of what things are for fear of missing what they could be?