the anti-potty training

Mommy accidently mentions the word “potty” and two-year-olds’ eyes light up. “I wanna poo-poo in the potty seat!” She disappears around the corner.

Three and half seconds later, twin sister two-year-old delightfully says the exact same thing…and disappears around the corner.

Mommy balances nursing baby brother in one arm while he fights to finish his lunch and tries to help first two-year-old pull off shorts and very wet diaper. All the while, listening to accusing tone of two-year-old. “I do it! I do it mySELF!”

Mommy sighs, sits on bathroom floor, watches as two-year-old tries unsucessfully to do it herself.

Mommy stands up and helps two-year-old finish undressing and mount the potty seat.

Two-year-old smiles, grunts, smiles, grunts, laughs, sings “Twinkle, Twinkle, litte star” (complete with hand motions), proudly announces “I did it!”, high fives twin sister (who is still singing), pulls 3 feet of toilet paper off from the wall, wipes (if you can call it that) jumps down from the potty seat and looks inside.

Potty is empty.

Two-year-old smiles again, announces her victory and runs out of bathroom naked from the waist down.

Twin two-year-old looks up at Mommy with big brown eyes. “I wanna poo-poo in the potty seat!”

Mommy looks at twin two-year-old. “Just go in your diaper.”