31 Days 2011 :: The Community Collection

Welcome to 31 days! Below you will find a collection of links to all the blogs participating. You only need to add your link to once. It will automatically show up on all eight blogs who are hosting. It’s like magic. Or so we hope. If you need instructions on how to link up, here is a detailed explanation of how it works. Browse, enjoy, learn, and change the world. Or something like that.

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  1. says

    Excited & scared to take this journey with you all! 31 days of free printables (#22 up on that list) is not going to be easy but will be SO fun in the end I hope! I’ve already found a few 31 days series I need to subscribe to! Thanks for hosting this (to all the ladies)!

  2. says

    i woke up this morning with a jolt, to rush down and link up…i knew i wouldn’t be first, but oh my gosh, i love how many people are doing it!! so great to have this great of a turnout!

  3. says

    Oh, my word. . . I can’t believe I’m actually doing this! But since I think I’m link #245, I can’t believe so many of us are doing this. Who knew we had so much to say about so many things??

    I’ve been thinking about these posts for a long time. I finally got a button for my series–guess when?–last night. That’s right, on September 30. I knew a button was beyond my own graphics ability, so I got someone to make me one. Obviously I’m not writing 31 Days of Graphic Design.

    Thank you so much for hosting us all. This should be fun!

  4. says

    I am excited to finally have my blog public :) Although, I am 314 on the list, so not sure if anyone will notice my little picture :)… I guess that takes some pressure off! How exciting that you all have so many people participating!! I am excited to look at the other blogs and get some advice and tips. How fun that you have such a great turnout!

  5. Janet says

    I am not one of the bloggers but I am reading them. Oh, how to choose. Love, Love, this idea! I am looking forward to reading a lot of them.

  6. says

    Over 400 blogs linked up?!?!? Wow. I wanted to do this but now I’m wondering if it’s even necessary. With so many linked up, it makes you wonder “what can I possibly say what others probably have already?”

    • says

      But you must say what is on your heart! No one can say it like you, with the unique voice that God has gifted to you. Please don’t let doubt erode your confidence.

  7. says

    i’m always late to the party… next year i should do ’31 days to timeliness’! i started on time, but just linking w you today… and sheesh~ 690 31 days??? i didn’t realize there were even 690 bloggers out there! 😉 just getting into reading them this week!

  8. says

    You’ll have to help me… I don’t understand what this is about. I’ve tried to find an explanation somewhere, but I haven’t. What’s its purpose? What is the goal?


    • says

      Shirley, the goal is to take 31 days to commit yourself to doing something on your blog and sharing it every day – it can be self improvement, sharing knowledge, experimenting, anything. Each blog will have it’s own different goal!

  9. says

    This is AMAZING! 739 different sites are participating and I want to read 90% of them. That’s almost 23,000 days! :0) Yikes! I guess I better get started.

  10. says

    I will be hosting link-up Fridays during October and would love it if you ALL linked up. I can’t wait to be blessed by all of your gifted writings and truths!


  11. says

    I learned about this month of writing on Sept. 29 … so I feel like I’m playing a lot of catch up! Looks like the collection is closed (it’s super cool so many are writing!) so I guess I’ll post here what I’m writing about. 31 Days of “Becoming More Yourself Than Ever” from a CS Lewis quote. You can find links to all the posts here: http://pressingonwithgreathope.blogspot.com/p/31-days-has-october.html

    I only wish I had time to read all of the surely wonderful things you all are writing about!!!

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