12 great blog posts from 2012

Happy New Year to you! With just a few hours left in 2012, I thought it time to go ahead and share 12 great blog posts from 2012. The list isn’t complete by any stretch, but these posts have stuck with me for one reason or another.

Great Blog Reads 2012

To those of you who wrote these posts, thank you for sharing your honest and influential voice. And now, some great reads from 2012:

1. Always do Your Best (and 2 Other Olympic Sized Lies) by Stephen Martin at Messy Quest

2. In Which You are Loved and You Are Free by Sarah Bessey

3. Grief, 3 Little Girls, and God Somewhere by Guy Delcambre for A Deeper Family

4. Live in Today, Not Tomorrow by Kelly Sauer

5. Downward Mobility by Shaun Groves

6. Decorating Truths From a 15-Year-Old Tanzanian Boy by The Nester at Nesting Place

7. The Post That is Hard to Write by Hayley Morgan at The Tiny Twig

8. The Children Have Spoken by Rachel Macy Stafford at Hands Free Mama

9. Enough: Or, Why We Should All Be Laughing Hysterically in the Magazine Aisle by Rachel Held Evans

10. Starting Now? The End to the Cynicism by Ann Voskamp

11. One Way God Never Speaks by Shannan Martin at Flower Patch Farm Girl

12. Connect or Miss Out by Gary Morland, Dot Connector

. . . and because I can’t leave this one out, but also can’t put it on the list because then it would be 13, I offer you one to grow on: I Can’t Pick a Movie by Annie Downs for (in)courage. You’re welcome.

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  1. Nicole W says

    Thanks for this thoughFULL list. You’ve got my brain working full speed this New Year’s.
    And thank you for all the love and time and talent you put into your posts throughout the year. I can always count on you to challenge my lazy brain’s status quo thinking and get straighter in the eyes of the God of my understanding.
    Wishing you a delightful 2013!

  2. says

    Emily, I just want to thank you for your blog. Your words so often resonate with my own heart. You have given me wisdom, encouragement and courage to stretch my own wings and step out of hiding. Although I still resort back to my safe hiding places I have more often had the courage to stay out a little longer allowing myself to be loved by God and others. Beginning my own blog was an exposure that made me fearful, but one that I knew God was calling me to begin. I have found so much freedom in using my words to express my creativity. I am just beginning and haven’t created anything grand, but I am trusting the Lord with the gifts He has given me and following His lead as I continue on my own literary journey. Thank you!

  3. says

    What a great gift you’ve given us here! Thank you for sharing… I will be reading deep into the night and will welcome the New Year with a full heart.

  4. says

    I am truly honored to be mentioned here on this beautiful & inspiring blog that is truly the essence of “grasping what matters” — my mission in life. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the other posts. You have left me feeling grateful and inspired as I begin 2013. Thank you!

  5. says

    Thank you for adding #13. My heart needed that today. This second day of a new year. Another new year of singleness. It is always, always, always good to know I am not alone.

    Thanks, Emily.

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